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Evaluation technique et financiere ou expertise au prealable

To avoid underinsurance clause, it is essential that the Property values are periodically updated. 
This service is intended for commercial and industrial companies; but also for all insurance players as well during merging and acquisition.

Insurance Valuation

Property insurance valuation (covering all risks of physical damage including machinery breakdown), business continuity insurance valuation, estimated maximum losses, worst-case liability exposure, avoiding the costs of over insurance or under insurance

Insurance Valuation Services

Property and business insurance not only represents a major cost to all asset-intensive businesses, but also represents a way of ensuring business continuity in the event of an insured loss. The intent when taking insurance is to obtain adequate cover at a cost that reflects the inherent risks and values at risk. Accordingly, accurately assessing the sums to be insured, via an insurance valuation, is a vital component in obtaining insurance.